• How do we get coordinates in EDH in the first place
    • Coordinates as accurate as possible where EDH carries Fundstelle. Usually Pleiades are not going to be able to give any more than Fundort.
    • Where confidence is lower than 0.8 (as a result of match interface) we need a position for hand checking and also helping where provide correct information for Pleiades (contribution)
    • Format of matching tool. Reuse atom format. Keeping so general so that we can write script use google maps.
    • Found reused in mosque in Turkey. Fundstelle: Church Hagia YGB, built into outer wall, Fundort modern: Village in which church is found, Fundort antik, xswat, aus!!
  • Where does EDH store the information
    • Open layers map tool. Pleiades could help with code. Pleiades pulls in Googlemaps and place geoext on top of it.
    • Does EDH do its own display or do we simply link to Pleiades display.
  • How do we maintain and sustain exchange of information