Index Search Criteria

An important specification component for ConcordiaHarvester.

Types of search

  • Given an item (url) in one collection, find all "related" items in other collections, regardless of type
  • Find things that attest to a given item (url)
  • How much of each dataset's own intrinsic properties do we allow users to search against?
  • (sub)string(s) in title and/or description (text search)
  • Given an item (url), find all related items in other collections whose relation type is one or more values from our vocabulary (search by our predicates)
  • Spatial search in recognizable structured data (e.g., gml-namespaced; GeoRSS in Atom; specify a region and find within)
  • Date search in recognizable structured data (e.g., TEI/EpiDoc: begin/end)