Our use cases for ORE aggregations

Provide crosswalks between two similar authority lists

  • LGPN place authority file < == > Pleiades/BAtlas IDs
  • ANS Geographic Entities < == > Pleiades/BAtlas IDs

Aggregate closely related (but disparate) content that's stored in different repos and potentially differently chunked

  • APIS records < == > HGV records < == > DDbDP records (i.e., the "numbers server")

Tag/annotate/describe content in one repos via relationships to a different class of content in another repos

  • Names/People/Coins/Papyri are geographically contextualized by linking to one or more Pleiades places
  • Pleiades place name variants are supported (i.e., we can cite an instance of attestation) by linking to one or more ANS coins, IAph (or other) inscriptions, or papyrus texts

Report results of analysis by making machine-actionable the conclusions one draws about a document (via "related" links to otherly-hosted content