October Workshop (London)

Dates: Monday 13 - Wednesday 15 October 2008

Seminar Room, CCH, King's College London


Monday and Wednesday will be closed sessions for the team; for Tuesday 14 we are inviting representatives from partner projects.


  • Morning:
    • Start 11.00:
    • Those attending: Team (GB, TE, SG, EL, CMR, HW)
    • Primary goal: emerge from this session with a complete and up-to-date list of ProjectDeliverables, annotated with status of each (including: "complete", "new", "changed", "at-risk")
    • Triage and move onto discussion of specific issues (primarily geodatabase) as soon as possible (to flow into after-lunch session as required)
      • IRT & IRCyr geodatabase (12, 13, 15)
        • Internal structure of database and relationship to XML (CCH)
  • Lunch: 13.00
  • Afternoon: 14.00:
    • Tactical session: important matters arising from triage of this morning's topics
      • IRT & IRCyr geodatabase (cont'd)
        • Relationship with Pleiades (PleiadesURI in locus-table)
        • How do we deliver to Pleiades any new places that they don't list yet?
        • BAtlasID resolver
    • 16.00: Management session (1 hour):
      • What have we learnt so far about project management that would be useful for future collaborations - between us or between others? Gather discussion fodder at ProjectManagementLessons
  • Ends: 17.30


  • Start: 10:30
  • Those attending: Team plus Valentina Asciutti (KCL), Stuart Dunn (CeRch, KCL), Leif Isaksen (Southampton), Elaine Matthews (LGPN), Dan Pett (PAS), Sebastian Rahtz (LGPN), Maggie Robb (KCL)
  • Morning:
    • Topics:
      • RDF and web-crawling for "social" networks of object/name/place data
      • How should we embed LGPN data, and ensure the surfacing of new data to LGPN? (Rahtz)
  • Afternoon:
    • Topics:
      • Google Visualization API and LGPN data (Rahtz)
      • Correlate Herodotean locations with the pleiades URIs (Isaksen)
      • Mapping tools and Pleiades infrastructure (Walda)
      • see ConcordiaAtomFeeds
    • roll up sleeves and hack at data/tools
  • 16:00: down computers, move to alternate location (hostelry) for debriefing


  • Start: 10:30
  • Morning:
    • Topics:
      • Atom feed production tool (1-4): workplan
        • cf. IDP-content-tool
      • Feed harvesting and indexing (5)
        • federated search functionality
        • Cross-project citation vocablary/thesaurus (6)
        • Determine IndexSearchCriteria
      • Digitization of IRT (8)
        • (EpiDoc & web & images)
        • incriptions (+ narrative?)
      • ALA/IAph inscription concordance (14)
        • add IAph/PHI inscription concordance
      • Further focus on locations and their identification
  • Afternoon:
    • Status of deliverables: review/decision on at-risk items

Summary Points

  • Concordia approaches search from the web search engine angle. This is not federated search. We are building an index from the data collected by a web crawler.
  • Our new vocabulary of link rels bears some resemblance to a group of RDF predicates, but Concordia is not a semantic web application.