IRCyr = Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

The Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica (IRCyr), collected by Joyce Reynolds, comprises 1500 Greek and Latin texts from a small African province, as many as 50% of which may be as yet unpublished. IRCyr is being prepared for publication at CCH with support from the Leverhulme Foundation, and in collaboration with the archaeological authorities in Libya (see This project has always planned to collaborate with the Pleiades Project in order to update the Pleiades Gazetteer with high-resolution coordinates for Cyrenaican sites (gathered in the field with Global Positioning System equipment). IRCyr will also provide new records for extra-urban epigraphic places of finding, and references to documentary source texts providing attestation for placename variants. For the epigraphic editions, IRCyr employs the same formats and software as IAph2007, and will be released under the same open content license. "Beta" versions of the texts will be available for Concordia in August 2008.