Concordia Thesaurus

ConcordiaThesaurus is a controlled vocabulary for expressing classes of relationships (or even assertions) between web-based resources in the context of Linked Data and Atom+GeoRSS feed applications. Its original version was a project deliverable for the NEH-funded Concordia Project.

See also (from October 2008 Workshop): ConcordiaTypeThesaurus


All terms are identified by URIs of the form{term}:, etc. We often use "gawd" as a namespace prefix for "".


Indicates that two published editions treat the same ancient text or document.


Identifies a historical place or person whose existence or name is attested by the item in question.

Example (Turtle format): An inscription from IAph 2007 attests to a particular form of place appellation, Ἀφροδισίας.

<> gawd:attestsTo <>


Same as CIDOC CRM p62 "depicts". An image, for example, may depict an inscription.


Identifies the place where the item was found by modern persons.

Example (Turtle format): An inscription from IAph 2007 was found at the site of the ancient place we call Aphrodisias.

<> gawd:findspot <>


Identifies a place where the item was observed by modern persons, the place of transcription.


Identifies the place where the item is reasoned, by modern persons, to have originated.


Generic location relation, modeled on the where relation link type proposed by Sean Gillies).

Dublin Core indicates that one resource makes some kind of reference to another resource.


  • EDH and King's have solid use cases for relationship(s) involving photographs, squeezes, copies and sketches (and the digital versions thereof). 2009-07-17


  • there is not yet a module for the thesaurus

See also ConcordiaGraph.

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