Project Deliverables

The Concordia proposal identified (or we have subsequently added) the following deliverables:

  1. (October discuss) A set of XSLT stylesheets for creating web feeds from EpiDoc-conformant XML documents: EpiDoc2Atom
  2. (October discuss) Atom+GeoRSS web feeds for IAph: IAphFeeds
    1. ALA/IAph mentioned placenames list
  3. (October discuss) Atom+GeoRSS web feeds for IRCyr: IRCyrFeeds
  4. (October discuss) Atom+GeoRSS web feeds for DDbDP/HGV: PapyFeeds
  5. (October discuss) Atom+GeoRSS feed harvester and indexer: ConcordiaHarvester
  6. (October discuss) Cross-project Citation Vocabulary: ConcordiaThesaurus (see now also: ConcordiaTypeThesaurus)
  7. (AT RISK; no further discussion October) Demonstration copy of the Papyrological Navigator for epigraphic content alongside papyrological content: PNDemo
    1. At risk. Dependency on handoff of code from Columbia (IDP1 project) to NYU Libraries (APIS6 and IDP2). TE to monitor and assess.
  8. (October discuss) Digitized version of IRT: IRT
    1. IRT images from BSR
  9. (no discussion October) Digitization and pleiades upload of 5 maps: PleiadesContent
    1. NYU team to overview workflow
  10. (no discussion October) Releases of above under GPL/CC as appropriate: Licensing
  11. (no discussion October) Deposit of XML content into Backstop (i.e., NYU FDA): Archiving
  12. (added May; COMPLETE) Barrington Atlas IDs: BAtlasIDs
  13. (added May; October discuss) BAtlas ID resolver BAtlasIDResolver
  14. (added May; October discuss) ALA/IAph project concordance?
  15. (added Sep; October discuss) IRT & IRCyr geodatabase?
  16. (added Oct; October discuss) Guidelines and tools for mass PleiadesContentCreation?
  17. (added Oct) ConcordiaTypeThesaurus